Legal Spanish Courses

The CRLA Legal Spanish program was specially designed for those students who are related to the area of law. The goal is to become familiar with the legal vocabulary in Spanish and have the necessary tools to explain to your clients or discuss with colleagues on issues of law. The course focuses on the collection of useful vocabulary in the everyday practice of law; however, the extent of absorption of the lexicon by the student depends on its level of knowledge and proficiency in Spanish. Therefore, the student profile preferable for this course is one with a high-intermediate or advanced language skills, enabling you to more easily understand the topics being studied.

Our program’s teaching material is designed by our Program Coordinator who is a very experienced professional. The text develops gradually in the level of difficulty and specialization of the topics. Our program starts with “Law School Unit” in which the student will learn the basics of law, allowing the student to better understand the following units. The following five units are divided according to the major areas of law: constitutional and administrative law, civil and family law, criminal law, international law and human rights. Each unit will include additional content to each area of law referred to in order to give a more comprehensive approach to those subjects.

Since we use a Spanish language teaching book, each unit includes activities to improve the four skills in language study: listening, speaking, reading and writing, some skills will be developed more intensely than others depending on the unit. The book also has a communicative approach, so in many of the practices students will learn based on ordinary, everyday communicative situations that allow them to develop language skills and improve their grammar.