Over 30 Years of Experience

COSTA RICAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY (CRLA) is a private institution specializing in Spanish language instruction.

Since 1989, more than 15,000 students from all over the world have studied at CRLA.

To fully immerse ourselves in the 21st century with its globalization and technology, we now give you the option to experience it online with our new Spanish online classes. Our online materials are the same as our school books and the professionalism, knowledge and charisma of our teachers is also present in each and every one of our classes.

Our school has been privileged to have the participation of students from all over the world (most of Europe, the United States and Japan), of different ages (from children to senior students) and at all levels (from complete beginner to the higher advanced level). Regardless of your academic background, age, or native language, we have the experience and tools to meet the needs of our students.