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  Student Services  

With the intention of making your stay as pleasant and carefree as possible, CRLA offers students a variety of services and amenities:

FREE 24 hour airport pick-up
costa rica airport transportation internet access
wireless internet costa rica telephone
luggage storage costa rica info
costa rica family costa rica volunteer
costa rica coffee costa rica food
soda student area
recreational area student graduation
student graduation latin dance
costa rican cooking class spanish gym
beach tour


FREE Internet access
FREE wireless internet for your laptop
FREE use of telephones for local calls and international collect or calling card calls
International telephone card sale
FREE books and class materials
Extra "level adjustment" Spanish classes at NO COST when required
FREE luggage storage while you travel
Safety deposit box
Postage stamp sale and mail drop off at post office
Fax service
Homestay or hotel accommodation service
Volunteer work information and arrangements
FREE export quality Costa Rican coffee
(as much as you want!)
FREE natural refreshments made of tropical fruits
School cafeteria with typical food at low prices
Social & recreation areas for students
Certificate of Attendance & farewell ceremony
FREE Latin Dance classes (everyday)
FREE Cooking classes (every Wednesday)
FREE Conversation classes (every Tuesday & Thursday)
FREE Gym membership with our 4 week intensive Spanish & Home stay programs
Travel advice and information service with great discounts on tours
Hotel, tour, and airline reservation and confirmation service
Bus schedule information and ticket purchase

" Extras - This is where the school really shines. They have so much to offer.
Cooking classes, dancing classes, conversation hour, soccer, etc.
Amenities - Going to this school is saving us tons of money on our excursions. They have a full time travel helper on staff. The prices there are about 30% less than the prices at the hostel for excursions and they have discounts for activities etc. and you get a student card that you can use to get discounts at the museums, etc. They also have about 20 computers with free Internet, wireless internet, and a little cafe that sells really cheap lunch. They are a couple of blocks from a nice mall where you can go watch a movie or get something to eat after school. Oh, and they will even buy your bus tickets for you! Recommended? -Most definitely, they take good care of their students."

Student review at 123TeachMe.com

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Toll free: 1 (866) 230 6361 (in the US)
Tel: +(506) 2280-1685, 2280-1739, 2280-2548 Fax: (506) 2280-2548


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